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Tech specs

BOBBY is a smart gadget

You might be asking what makes BOBBY so intelligent? Well, here are two explanations:

1) BOBBY's motion is tailored to your baby and to your baby's car seat
BOBBY is designed to work with the natural oscillation of your baby's car seat to create a gentle rocking motion. Similar to being held by mom or dad. It works by pushing the curved seat in a steady upward motion based on the weight of your baby. This consistent motion is guaranteed to keep your baby calm and helps him or her relax or fall asleep more easily.

2) BOBBY is safe to use with newborns, infants, and toddlers
As parents, we all know that leaving your baby for extended periods of time in the baby car seat is not healthy. BOBBY is designed to automatically shut off after 30 minutes of operating, this way protecting your baby.

Features & Tech Specs

  • Splash proof: BOBBY has been awarded an IP54 protection rating (protected from limited dust ingress and water spray from any direction). This means small spills and drips are no worries
  • Portable charger: BOBBY is powered by a 5.200 mAh rechargeable battery. Recharge Bobby as you would any other tech device. The battery is 100% safe to use and can travel with you in your carry-on with no problems
  • Adjustable speeds: An intelligent 32-Bit ARM Cortex processor rocks the car seat exactly how your baby likes it and can be adjusted based on the weight of your baby
  • Stroke length: 10mm (0.4 in)
  • Made for the mobile parent: BOBBY is small - 12 cm (4.72 in) in diameter and 13 cm  (5.11 in) in height - and lightweight - 950 grams (33.5 oz) -, so it's easy to pack in a stroller, diaper bag or carry on
  • Safe for your baby: BOBBY is designed and engineered in Germany and will be manufactured following the RoHs directive using BPA free materials
  • Top-panel features: 2 mechanical buttons for power level adjustment and 4 LEDs as indicators of power and battery status
  • Side-panel features: USB cover with a USB type A port (power out) and micro USB port (power in), power button
  • Product finish: orange matt hard plastic pusher and orange matt silicone skin and silicone bottom

Germany Quality

1) Designed and engineered in Germany
BOBBY is designed and developed in Germany using the highest quality engineering standards
2) Built with safety in mind
BOBBY is manufactured using high-quality and safe (BPA-free) materials
3) Made for all baby car seats
BOBBY works with all major baby car seat brands on the market (100+) 

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